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10.04.2010 20:13 - Трансформации
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Оригинално име Transformations




Език: Руски
Документално свидетелство за това, как Божията любов и силата на Светия Дух, могат да променят цели градове и дори държави потопен в грях и престъпление ...

Videos that incite entire communities, churches, small groups, or families to concentrated prayer for their area are rare. George Otis Jr. of The Sentinel Group is trying to change that by offering two excellent documentaries—“Transformations” (1999) and “Transformations II” (2001).

In the first video, we are introduced to a community in Central America where 92 percent of the population is now born-again, forcing the closure of city jails and an amazing abundance of fruits and vegetables. Then we learn about a powerful movement in Cali, Colombia (home to the Cali drug cartel) where 60,000 Christians join together every 90 days for all-night prayer rallies, causing the spiritual tide of the entire city to turn toward Christ. Residents of Hemet, California tell about their spiritual breakthroughs, while churches in a town in Kenya, an area once known for its illicit crime, praise God for the power He has reigned down upon their community.

In “Transformations II”, we meet native tribal members from Canada"s northern shores, where a suicide rate 20 times the national average (not to mention the pandemic of alcoholism, drug use, and physical and sexual abuse directed toward nearly every female) has given way to a new hope in not only one settlement, but many throughout the entire region! Scottish residents in one community tell of the amazing happenings as scores of people held all-night prayer meetings in their barns and homes, leading to a fresh move of God upon their land, emptying local pubs and leaving the once-scarcely visited churches packed to overflowing.

Another story takes us to Uganda where military coups and dictatorial leadership, as well as blatant Satanic worship, has ravaged this east African country for more than four decades since Idi Amin made infamous worldwide headlines for the genocide he caused. But now, seeking God passionately, this nation has officially dedicated itself to God during a celebration at the turn of the millennium. Now the economy, seeing all indications of collapse, is one of the three best on the African continent. The government has been seeking God"s will, even instituting an official “ethics and morality” post that has instituted a “zero tolerance” policy on corruption. God has heard the prayers of his people.
There is no telling what God could do in your community if those who love God seek him with all their hearts. He only needs to be invited in to begin the work that changes hearts and minds.

Year of Release—1999, 2001



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